Friday, June 15, 2012

Xmas quilt, Peter Sagan, needles and canna

I spent two hours last evening quilting on the family Xmas quilt. I now have 35% of it quiltied. Here is a shot of the back.

Before I started quilting I had to watch Stage 6 of the Tour of Switerland. Guess who won the sprint finish? Your right, Peter Segan. This is his 12th stage win for 2012 and his fourth stage in the ToS that he has won. The man is on fire! More podium kisses!

Red Rock Threads was having a good deal on Schmitz sewing machine needles in bulk so I bought a box of topstitching needles I use for my machine quilting. There are 100 needles in the box. I wrote the date I received the box and let's see how long they last me.

I gave the cannas a big fat drink of water last evening and this morning I can see the first leaves starting to show.

This is going to be a busy weekend. Besides working on the Xmas quilt, I need to finish the book I am reading by Buddy Guy "When I left Home", and Saturday night I am bartending at the museum for the opening reception for the El Anatsui exhibit. I will be making a trip to Dover either tonight or on Saturday, and I really need to get some stuff done around the house which I seem to ignore because I would rather quilt!

Have a great weekend!

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