Thursday, June 21, 2012

Xmas quilt and replacement iron

I got the binding on the xmas quilt last evening. Now I just have to hand stitch it. That won't get done tonight, because I am working at the art museum's Downtown at Dusk event. This is the first one this summer. A band plays and I, with other volunteers, work the concession stand selling beverages. Since it is the first one and it is crazy hot, we will be very busy.

The Oliso iron I bought March of 2011 died Memorial weekend. I finally got a phone number for the distributor and I received a replacement iron last evening.

In the meantime, I got my Black and Decker digital advantage iron. I forgot how much I liked that iron - good steam. I bought the Oliso because it doesn't put a shine on fabric like my B&D does. This is very helpful when doing alterations.


Vicki W said...

You have really powered through the Christmas quilt!

QuiltSwissy said...

I have had my iron for 6 years now, it cost $242 and is worth every penny! I was going through irons every 6 months to a year. What I like is that this one does NOT turn off when it sits.

So I have it on the same switch with my radio, if the music is playing, the iron is on! LOL.