Thursday, June 28, 2012

MQG Akron meeting

I need to take a pen and paper so I can do a better job of reporting what went on at the meeting and so that I could put a name to everyone who showed a quilt. On of these days I will get my act together, but in the meantime...

Bailey's quilts -
Love this cute red and aqua piece.

Then she had this wonderful Orange and yellow piece - Bailey quilted it in a circular pattern starting at the center and just going around and around.

Now here is the fantastic back!

The next quilt was so beautiful. The fabric used in the center of the pomegranates was a polka dot - genius!

Another member had an issue with a thousand pyarmid quilt top that was not square and wondered if the top was worth saving. We all said yes to saving it and gave her advice on how to help square the top up. I forgot to get a picture, but once she has it done I am sure she will bring it back and I make sure I have the camera ready.

Next was this lovely triangle piece. Technically it was done so beautifully and the lighter greens just made the whole piece pop. I got a quick shot partial shot of the back with was just a beautiful.

Another member had a cute doll quilt she had made from crib sheets, a flannel blanket, and other odds and ends. This piece was her first attempt of putting on binding using a tutorial. She did a wonderful job!

I showed the quilts I finished for the month and gave my binding demos. I got great feedback like "I read the tutorial on your blog, but now seeing it done made it clearer." I had lots of questions and I enjoyed sharing my methods.

We are having a challange. One of the ladies brought pieces of a lovely teal, white and purple print and gave a piece to each of us.

She said to make a piece around 14" x 14" or 16" x 16", quilted and bound, and bring it for the August meeting. It is a good thing she put a size limit on it, because you know I could turn that 8" square into queen size quilt before I knew it! This is not a contest, but a way to see how each person takes the same fabric and makes it their own.

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