Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Green quilt from leftovers

I finished quilting the center green part using a lime green cotton thread - don't know the brand - on the front and in the bobbin. I am going to try and get the borders quilted tonight. Here is a shot of the quiting and one of the back.

Thanks for the nice compliments on the giant zig zag quilt. I will add it to my stash of baby quilts. I still have another chunk of zig zag that I cut off from the orginal top that will have to make into a top one of these days.

1 comment:

QuiltSwissy said...

the zig zag quilt is so nice!

Do you do your quilting on a long arm? Do you use a panto or do you go it freehand.......

I am not good enough yet for freehand, unless we talk wavy straight lines, of course.