Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The border is quilted!

I didn't think I would get the white border on the green quilt done last evening, but I did - Yeah! I fee motion meandered the border using Fine line in the bobbin and Essential by Connecting Threads in white for the front of the quilt. I do not have a longarm, I do all my quilting on my Pfaff 1475 which I would not trade for the world! I don't mark any of my quilting - it is just what comes from me moving the quilt under the needle. I don't do a lot of different patterns and I have never spent the time to even try to master feathers, but what I do seems to work for the quilts I make.

I know I still need to publish my post on how I do my binding - I haven't forgotten. I have the post half done and have not had the time to finish it. I promise I will try to get it done soon!

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Anonymous said...

Patty, I am so envious...because I have never been able to quilt on the machine, except my sad straight lines, and they aren't the best. The underside seems to pucker. I think you do a beautiful job!!!! I like the pattern, and think it is great! ♥♥♥