Thursday, May 17, 2012

What is next on the agenda?

Now that the covers are on their way (believe me I will be tracking that Fed Ex package every day until it arrives in California!).
The console cover was stenciled on my lunch hour yesterday. I got them wrangeled and bundled and shipped last night. Now I will be on pins and needles until they are delivered.

I am regrouping and thinking about what is next.
I started a list and in no particular order:
1. Finish the green and brown baby quilts Done the weekend of May 19th
2. Finish the turquoise and brown baby quilt Done the weekend of May 19

3. Finish the low volune zig zag baby quilt Finished May 22, 2012

4. Pink flannel quilt for my sister out of this flannel I just bought

5. Finish an I spy quilt

6. Make a baby quilt out of these leftoversDone 6/6/2012

7. Make this years family Xmas quilt - I have no idea what I am going to do! Done in June

8. My brother's wedding quilt out of this fabric Done Nov, 2012

9. Make a quilt out of these Sunbonnet Sue blocks for a woman who works at the art museum. Done May 28, 2012.

10. I finally got my niece's t-shirts for her graduation quilt.

I guess this is a pretty good start to capturing what I need to get done.
Here are a couple more I thought of last evening.

11. I need to make two Olivia quilts for October out of this fabric. Done September 2012

12. I need to make a small quilt featuring this car fabric. I pulled some pieces from my stash that I will also use. Done July 14

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QuiltSwissy said...

Wow! When you surface in five months......

glen: although I say that, my list is longer possibly!