Friday, May 11, 2012

The weekend is here! YEAH!

This week at work has been crazy. I just can't get stuff done fast enough. I am tired of people asking questions, second guessing me, and the interruptions! There is a very small group here today so maybe I can get something done.

I did manage to get all my fabric washed and press except for one 7 yard piece. So how much did I save/spend? At Miller's I bought 47.6 yards for an average of $4.48 a yard. At The Material Girl I bought 21.42 yards for an average of $5.55 a yard. Adding them both together, I added 69.02 yards to my stash at an average of $4.81 a yard. I am happy!

When I was at Miller's I ended up talking to Leroy who was installing this beautiful faux stone veneer on the foundation of the house Mrs. Miller use to live in. This is where she started the quilt shop 47 years ago. Her daughter is now turning the second house on the property into a space that can be rented for retreats. My foundation is butt ugly - painted poured concrete. Leroy stopped last evening to give me a price on what it would cost to do my foundation.
Here is the house he was working on

Here is my ugly foundation

Now I just need to crunch some numbers and figure out if I can afford it. I think it would add tremendous curb appeal to the property and cover up the repaired cracks which could put some people off when I go to sell. They would probably ask for money off the price of the house equal to or more than what the stone would cost.

This weekend is all about working in the studio. I have to get the covers done so I can ship them to my brother on Monday and the rest of the time will be PLAYING! I mowed the grass last night and have been working on getting some of those little annoying jobs done during the week so they don't cut into my play time.

Are you playing this weekend? Have a great one!


Exuberant Color said...

You really did get some bargains last week!
It is hard to decide what to do and what not to do on a house. I would probably do the stone if you are doing it for your enjoyment and the selling appeal. If it's not for you too, it probably isn't a good investment.

QuiltSwissy said...

Great buys on the fabric. You are brave to have added 62 yards though. I have passed up some nice sales just because I need to get some of the fabric I have out of here. I guess I am just not ready to donate it all.

I do like the stonework. We don't have tha tproblem here. We have too much water in that area to be useful in digging down.