Thursday, May 24, 2012

MQC Akron meeting

I had a wonderful time at the meeting last evening. Anyone with a WIP that they were having a issue with could bring it for picking everyone's brain. I didn't get pictures of all the WIP's - I was so engrossed by the conversation I would forget to take a picture! Here is a round quilt that was discussed. Another lady had a group of blocks that varied in size. I was suggested that she sashed each block with wedges so that the blocks looked twisted. I thought that was a great idea. There was a quilt top that the lady had made and now she hated the quilt! The background was gray and there were rows of six sided shapes in various colors. Everyone encourage her to finish the top and gave her lots of suggestions on how to quilt it.

We then had show and tell. I haven't learned everyones name yet, but the work that everyone showed was great!

Baily brought the library book bag that she made for her mom and another lady showed her bag made from plastic bags, mesh bags, yogurt lids and all kinds of things you would toss in the recycling bin. I forgot to get a picture - darn - it was really cool! I had taken my low volume zig zag quilt and another quilt I had made some years ago that I thought looked modern.

We then discussed and made a list topics for future meetings. I had passed around the low volume quilt and the group asked if I would do a demonstration on how I make my machine sewn miter corners on my binding and how I sew a facing style binding. Of course I said yes. Now I will need to get something made to demonstrate binding on. We also had a FQ exchange - I forgot to bring mine.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Wow! New girl in the group and doing demos already! You go!