Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stats on Low Volume, Linen piece progress, and the duck

I forgot to post the stats on the low volume quilt. I used 3" strips to make 5 1/2" blocks. The quilt ended up being 50 3/8" x 45 3/8". I already have a baby in mind for this quilt. The last baby this lady had I gave her a bright orange quilt and the kid is a handful! I told her for this one I would give her this low volume quilt and maybe the kid will be calmer!

I was really tired last evening so I did not get a lot done on the linen quilt, but here is the latest view of it. I added two more striped units - one on either side of the one that was already pieced.

The pile of scraps continues to dwindle. The only pieces I have thrown away are 3/4" wide or less. I still need enough to fill in the spot on ther right side in the middle. I took some of the pieces and used them elsewhere.

I saw momma duck yesterday. Here she is getting ready to crawl into the bushes to sit on the nest. I keep watching to see her leave so I can go take a peek.


Exuberant Color said...

Let's hope the low volume quilt works for the new mom. It is really pretty too.

QuiltSwissy said...

Love the low volume idea for that baby quilt! Hopefully it works and she has a low volume baby!

the linen scraps are stiil looking good.