Thursday, March 15, 2012

More progress on the green and brown quilts

I was tired last evening so I just sat and watched the shows I had taped from the night before - the last 45 minutes of the Biggest Loser, Southland, and Storage Wars Texas. I also did a little cooking so I would have something for lunch today.

I had some extra time before I headed out to work this morning so I did get four rows sewn together on one of the quilt tops. I could have sewn a little more if I didn't have to drop off a book at the library and get gas before work, but at least I have the first one almost together.

I am seeing a pattern - if I worked hard one evening, the next evening I am too tired to do much, then the next evening I am fine and working hard again. Hum? I either have to pace myself or figure out a way to recover quicker.

I did find in my stash that I have enough of these two fabrics for binding for the first two green and brown quilts.

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