Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little more done on the French linen improv piece

I was really tired when I got home from work last evening. Between working in the yard for almost 3 hours on Sunday and the heat at work - our A/C is broken - I was beat. I watched the new series Frozen Plant that I had taped, dowloaded some CD's, and did a little sewing on the linen improv piece. Here is a section I am working on. I have the left side sewn together and the pieces on the right are layed out. I am trimming each piece as I add it.

I do have one large piece of this fabric left that I dyed in blue. It is 35" x 70" and I will use it for any fabric I need to join sections together. What ever is left I will use on the back and for the binding.

The sunrise was beautiful this morning - just a big glowing orange ball! Here are a few of the shots I took:

The sun is now behind a big old gray cloud which is great for anyone driving east!

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QuiltSwissy said...

I love sunsets and sunrise pictures! On every vacation it has become a thing now to make sure I get at least one of both. And they mark the start and finish of every album for that vacation!