Monday, March 19, 2012

I made time to play

I trimmed the rest of the blocks I had made last weekend and put them up on the design wall. I had almost enough for a green and brown quilt and almost enough for a turquiose and brown quilt. I told you that I just get cutting out fabric and don't count. Once I get to the end then I see what I need to finish. I needed to make five brown blocks with green centers, one brown block with a turquoise center, and one turquoise block with a brown center.

Here are ther tops all sew together:

The dafodills next to the house are in full bloom with all this heat we are having. The ones in the yard have not flowered yest. I think the ones next to the house get the radient heat from the brick so they bloom first.

On Sunday I decided to play a bit so I pulled out all the scraps I had left from the French linen quilt I made my nephew last year. I did not want to waste any of this fabric so I saved almost every scrap. I press and hung them on the design wall grouping them by color and length. I don't have any plans on how this is going to turn out and that is what playing is all about.

I did get one section done. These were pieces that were cut off the sides of the blocks that would result in pieces already sewn together.
This is a piece I will work on when I have a little time here and there.
I did work outside a bit in a flower bed in the backyard. Here is the before:

Two hours and fourty five minutes later it looked like this:

I am not done in this bed, but at least I got all the debris and a lot of the weeds pulled. There are some plants that have not come up yet - the lily of the valley ( that is in the lower left corner), the hostas, and cora bells. The fence is to keep the deer from eating the hostas. I am eventually going to do away with the hostas all together, but I want to plant some spinach and endive so I will need the fence to keep the deer from eating that.

The last thing I did was make St. Patrick's Day cookies for work. Hey - better late than never!

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