Thursday, March 8, 2012

Does it smell like a Mexican restaurant in here yet?

I got talked into participating in a chili cookoff at our home office. It is a fundraiser for the AmVets. I made the chili last eveing and it has been cooking all night in the crock pot. Now it is cooking still here at the office and it does smell like a Mexican restaurant in here! Wait until the other lady brings her's and plugs in her crock pot!

Between making chili and watching two bike races, I did manage to get a little sewing done. Here is where I am at on the I Spy quilt.

You can see the top row is a single row, then the next two rows are sewn together, and then the bottom four rows are joined. Tonight I will need to dig for a few more light colored novelty fabrics and put together a few more rows.

1 comment:

QuiltSwissy said...

OMG! I can SMELL the chili! You are going to win! What is your prize, a fancy sewing machine? A set of thread colors? A pincushion?

Oh, no! Nothing like sewing notions to get a girl going!

glen: need some light squares? Just let me know!