Friday, February 18, 2011

Yeah, it's Friday!

A big thank you for all your hugs and empathy with this filing project I am in the middle of. Last night I was whipped and went to be at 8:15. To say the least I was not in a good mood yesterday between my arms and shoulders hurting and not getting any help. One of the guys did help me pull some of the drawing off the racks and on to the island so I could take off the holder, roll, etc. Some of those drawings are so heavy I just can't pull them up so I loosen the bolts on the holder and just let the drawing fall on the floor.

The island doesn't look much better than yesterday. I was digging around and found a bunch more drawing just stuffed on a shelf willy nilly. So yesterday afternoon I sorted them into piles according to project and today I will bag them up.

The racks before I rolled, bagged, labeled, and shelved 37 rolls of drawings.

he racks after. I still have a few more drawings to roll and bag, but the majority are put away.

I am not going to think about work and just have a good time this weekend. Saturday I am headed to Tuscarawas County - where I lived before I moved to Akron - I am going to go see the couple that had the twin girls. The girls are 4 1/2 months old now and weight about 10 pounds. I kid the father that they are finally the size of real babies! I going to head to my favorite bulk food store and stock up on spices that I need, and visit the quilt shop that moved to check out the new store. I am meeting up with a friend for breakfast before we head over to the quilt shop. I have heard that the new shop is really nice. Sunday my friend K is coming over to help pin baste the quilt we are making for her daughter.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


GerryART said...

A carefree mini-vacation weekend is just what you need at this point.
I'm sending Good Positive Thoughts your way
- - - - -
and not so much toward others at your work even if this is not the best for one's karma.

Hugs for you my friend,

patty a. said...

Thank you Gerry for the kind words!