Monday, February 14, 2011

A busy weekend

The opening for the M.C. Escher exhibit was a hit! I worked the bar with two other people and for more than an hour we were slammed with customers. The event started at 7 and by 9 things really died down. I did not get to see the exhibit because we were so busy. I will have to go another time, but I heard from different people that they thought it was great.

While I was at the museum, a woman in charge of the Paula Nadelstern exhibit for June asked me again if I would help with the show. Of course I said yes. They want to pick my brain for marketing and possibly some demonstrations. I think its a wonderful opportunity and I am looking forward to being involved.

My friend, K, and I spent 8 hours working on the quilt for her daughter on Saturday. We had most of the center blocks done, but then we decided to add a couple more of pieces green to the upper left block.
Here is the before picture

And here is the current look of the piece.

On Sunday I had tear apart some seams to insert two of the pieces, but one of the pieces I had to slice the fabric, stay stitch, press the 1/4" under around the 3 sided opening, put glue on the 1/4" and place on top of the green fabric. Once the glue dried, I flipped back the quilt top around the inserted piece and stitched it. I was happy with the way it turned out. It is hard to stitch 90 degree corners without getting a pucker, but they didn't pucker at all. I will make sure I quilt this area close to the edge of the blue fabric and the corners, because this would be the weakest area of the entire quilt. Yestday I also sewed together the lower two blocks together and then joined the top section and bottom section together. I plan on getting the borders on this week (the borders in the picture are just pinned up) and Sunday K is coming to help pin baste it so I can get started quilting. I need to have the quilting done by March 13.

I did not get to work on my dutch wax blocks this weekend at all since I spent so much time on K's quilt.

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Selvage Quilter said...

Love this quilt!! Lots of energy and vibrant.