Monday, June 21, 2010

Too short of a weekend

The weekends are just not long enough. Friday night I was a roadie for my nephew's band. My poor brother - I can't believe how hard he works! He got to the country club at noon and set up all the equipment by himself. I'm talking speakers, sound boards, amps, microphones, pedal boards, and several keyboards. You would not believe how many electrial and mic cords it takes to set these kids up. One other father was there, but he left so my brother and four women and a couple fo the kids helped pack all the equipment and load it in the trailer. It was hot and I was wiped out! It took like 2 hours to pack all the equipment. Saturday it was a road trip to meet other siblings with their families to take our dad out for Father's day - An hour drive to the resturant, and hour back, and hour to get ready, a half hour to met my brother at his house so I could ride with him, two hours for dinner, then drive home from my brother's house. A lot of time used up.

Eariler on Saturday I managed to get the most baby quilt top made out of the fabic I showed on Friday. I finished sewing the rows together on Sunday morning and it is pin basted and the binding is cut. I don't have to have this done until July 10th, but I am glad to be at this point with this piece. It is very girly!

I went out last evening at 7 p.m. after the Tour of Suisse was over and started to weed. There was more crabgrass and grass in the beds than weeds. It all came our fairly easily out the sweet peat. I had the three beds done in front in 45 minutes. It was still light out so I went ahead and mowed the front. I noticed the Helleborus were not doing well in the front. I gave the ones that are left a good drink of water and will have to remember to keep watering them. The ones in the back, which are in the shade most of the day, are doing very well.

I had not noticed in the past that the deer ate off the flower buds on the daylillies, but they sure are doing a lot of damage this year. I think I am going to get one of those motion water sprayers and see if that helps. My friend said it worked at her place. They are about $25.00, but if it works then it will be worth it.

Congratulation to Frank Schleck for winning the general classification in the Tour of Suisse. Lance came in second only 12 seconds behind Frank. Only 11 days until the Tour de France starts!

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Exuberant Color said...

I like your girly quilt!

I think helleborus is a shade plant, however since it blooms so early in the spring, the leaves aren't even on the trees yet so there wouldn't be much shade anywhere.