Friday, June 18, 2010

This weekend's agenda

Thank goodness it is Friday! I just need to get thru the next eight hours and then I can relax a bit. Tonight I roadie for my nephew's band after they play a short show.

Lots of stuff to do on Saturday. I need to weed the front beds. I pulled a few the other day and they came out easily with all the sweet peat I had dumped in the beds. The daylillies are getting ready to bloom and I want the front to look nice when they start opening this weekend. I have to take some pics to post.

Here is some fabric that will be made into a baby quilt. I keep going back and forth in my head of what I want to make and I keep telling myself to use the KISS method - Keep Is Simple Stupid! One of my son's friends had a baby and this will be for her. I will see them in three weeks so I wanted to have it done by then.

I did get some more papers cleaned up and sorted out. The inspirational stuff when in my new notebook - the rest went into recycling or the shreading pile. I have a habit of using my design wall to pin up ideas on and then pretty soon there is no room for designing! I am going to be brutal and really think about what I am keeping. So after the quilt and weeding I will be spending my time straightening out and putting a plan together of what I need to do to finish the projects around the house. Have a great weekend!

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