Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quilting thread and flannel

When I am out at Miller's Dry Goods working this weekend, I need to get some flannel for making some receiveing blankets. I thought I would look thru my stash and see what I already have. Nothing to baby like. I do have a little cream and white which would work with a print for the other side. I may make one out of the Hawaiian print flannel and the Chinese food just for fun.

When I was deciding what color I was going to quilt my Millennium quilt, I decided to try and count how much quilting thread I have. Holy Cow! I figured that I have more than 120,000 yards of quilting thread! Last fall Connecting Threads had their Essential quilting thread on sale and if you bought $50 worth the shipping was free. So of course I wanted that free shipping and I think I ended up placing three orders. Is this quantity a little much? At least you would think I would not need to buy any for a long time unless I would not have a particular color.

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Yvonne said...

Well Patty, you just missed my blogoversary giveaway by a few hours. BUT, I have lots of giveaways, so hope you visit again. Love your blog too. Looks like you are keeping pretty busy. So, see you in blogland!