Friday, May 28, 2010

Progress on the green blocks quilt

I started the process of pin basting the green blocks quilt last night. I had already washed the backing so here is the pressing. While I was working on this last night I watched "Shall We Dance" the Japanese version on Ovation. There were subtitles so it took longer to get the quilt work done because I kept stopping to read the subtitles that were in white and small text. The movie had some really corny parts and charaters - a little different from the Lopez/Richard Gere (?sp.) version.

Here is the backing all smoothed out and taped. I had to run some of the backing over the sides of the table and tape it to the bottom side of the table. I didn't do any back art - I just don't have the time right now. What I think I will do is use the same color thread in the bobbin as the top thread and that will add some interest to the back.

Here is the batting all smoothed out. I have my favorite smoothing tool - a worn yard stick - laying on the batting. The yardstick reaches to the middle part for me.

Here is the top all spread out, smoothed, and lightly pressed. As you can see the top is bigger than my 8' x 8' table. I will pinned as much as possible, untape the backing, then slid the top so I can pinned the rest.

Starting to pin baste

This is an Iris that was given to me two years ago by a co-worker and it finally bloomed. I have a couple more buds so I will have to spend some time out back and enjoy the color.

Tonight I will be spending time getting ready for my quilting buddy arrival tomorrow. I also need to finish pinning the green block quilt and get it off the table. Have a safe holiday!


Char said...

We had Irises that color when I was a child. The ones I have now are a deep almost black purple. Also one a purple with white spots.

Leeanne said...

Thanks for sharing that neat big table again, can you reach the middle of the quilt OK?
Iris' are my favorite flower, they each have their own personality.