Monday, May 3, 2010

Productive weekend

Here is a reminder of what the bed looked like before I moved the great wall of Commonwealth (Commonwealth the is stree I live on). It only took me two hours on Saturday to move the stones. Thank goodness for the spud bar I borrowed! I would have never been able to move them without it. The plastic square thing is covering some lillies that the deer like to snack on. I keep them covered until they are about 10" tall then they don't touch them. Once I plant a few Hellebrous around them, I won't have to cover them anymore.

Since I had a trench already from where the stones were, I drugged the canna rhizomes out from storage and threw them in the ground. Since I needed to even the dirt back out anyway it worked out great. They are planted along the back wall so that is why the finish bed looks a bit empty. I also want to save some space to plant transplant some the Hellebrous into this bed in the future. It took me about four hours on Sunday to do this plus spread the Sweet Peet.

Here is the finished product! Gosh, I am tired! Now I just have to get some grass seed for in front of the bed.

I got my "homework" caught up for the Art Quilt Workbook project that I joined on upstatelisa's blog. The pieces are about 9 1/2" x 12 1/2". I made these with my hand dyed fabric.

Update on the Millennium quilt - Here is a picture of the bobbins that are wound. I washed the fabric for the back, but I think I am going to dye it. I am not planning to do any back art - the backing is so big and it is all one piece. I had a bolt of backing in my stash that is 120" wide. Since the quilt is going to be 96" x 123", I cut a hunk 11' long to account for shrinkage. I also spent some time cutting the wonderful fabrics everyone has sent me and they are ready to sew into those last three rows.


Vicki W said...

You have to go to work to get some rest!

upstateLisa said...

your garden looks awesome and so does your quilting!!!

patty a. said...

Thanks Vicki and Lisa.

Leeanne said...

Yeah...keep going it will be great!!

patty a. said...

Leeanne, That's for the encouragement! Now I just have to get the center bed done. I figure that will take a good 6 hours, but then the front will be done. Yeah!