Thursday, May 20, 2010

Keeping busy

My future daughter-in-law loves the green, turquoise, purple, and white quilt. The wedding shower is June 13 so I want to have it done for that.

I was working over at the neighbors transplanting more material around their yard. It is looking pretty good. I will post some pictures after I spread the sweet peet which is coming this Saturday.

Every eveing at 5 p.m. Versus is broadcasing the Tour of California so I have been watching that. Here are a couple of pictures when they rode down the Pacific Highway to Santa Cruz. Gosh, the scenary was beautiful! Go Team Radio Shack!

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Janet said...

I rode down the Pacific Highway from Eureka to Santa Cruz. It was beautiful. One of the best holidays I've ever been on. Went with my daughter and my sil.