Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Spring to Finish Project

I am still working on the Millennium quilt. I received a big package wonderful fabrics yesterday from Northville, Michigan. In the meantime, I got out the music quilt pictured below to finish quilting for the Jacquie's Spring to Finish Project. Yes, the binding is on it already, but it is not all quilted. I don't always follow the rules. I had all the outer blocks quilted, so I decided to go ahead and put on the binding. Now all I have to do is quilt the middle blocks. Please don't report me to the quilt police!

I had to spend a good part of last evening mowing the grass/weeds in the back yard. I hadn't mowed the back yard yet this year and it was getting out of control. That shot a hour and a half which included mowing the front and a little rest so I didn't get much quilting done.

Here is what showed up at work yesterday afternoon. They are drawings for a school project. My job is to review the drawings and come up with a quanity for windows, doors, cabinetry, roofing, operable partitions, furniture and many other items so that we can put a budget cost to them. I also have to review the drawings to make sure that they comply with the state regulations. I will be very busy for the next four weeks!

Only a couple more days and I will be headed to Charm, Ohio in Holmes County to work at Miller's Dry Goods (quilt shop). This year is their 45 anniversary of the store which was started by Mrs. Amanda Miller in her front room. Mrs. Miller passed several years ago and her daughters are now running the store. I have been shopping there for a very long time and I get to work at their anniversary sale, May 7 and 8th this year, and in October for Charm Days. I have a lot of fun working and seeing all the women who I have come to know over the years. I have been staying at Mrs. Mary Miller's house for the last 6 years so I don't have to drive 75 miles to my house then back again the next morning. I did that the first year I moved (I use to live only 35 minutes away from the shop) and it nearly killed me! Mary is Amish and lives next door the the quilt shop. She has a big house with lots of room and just the sweetest woman. Mary works at the quilt shop in the bargin basement. So if you are near Charm for the sale, pattens, books, fabric, and notions are 30% off. I will try and take a couple of pictures and post Monday all the fabric I bought and of the crowd that comes.

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