Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another project

My son is getting married in July so of course one of the gifts will be a quilt. My future daughter-in-law is a lovely girl and she said she would like it to be peacock colors. I have this top already done so I am going to see if she would like this. I only have 6 weeks and with so many other things going on I am not sure I have enough time to make anything else. I do have to get the Millennium quilt quilted so I can take the safety pins out of it to pin this quilt.

Speaking of more quilts that need made, I just found out that a woman I work with is pregant. She said she would like a baby quilt out of my African fabrics. That will be fun to do. Thank goodness she is not due until November!


Mishkat said...

This is beautiful - I really like the fabrics that you chose. What a wonderful wedding gift!

The millennium quilt looks amazing, although my hands are aching thinking about putting in that many safety pins!

Leeanne said...

Our neighbour is pregnant too, I would like to make a quilt for them, but we'll see!

XUE said...

I didn't know that this is called a Millennium quilt .... & now I know. I am self taught so I am still finding out about quilting terms. The colours are beautiful. Reminds me of a tropical sea. Happy Wednesday from Tokyo!