Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Money from walking

I have had my fitbit for 19 months and in that time I have picked up some loose change. I keep it in a plastic wine tumbler that sits by the door I use all the time. So after walking 1,869 miles or 5,536,480 steps, I have found $5.98 in change. This includes $2.50 in quarters, $2.50 in dimes, $.15 in nickels, and 83 pennies.

I also found these items

and a coin that says 5 piso

Once the weather gets nasty I will be interested if I find more change in the high school parking lot. This morning I didn't find anything.

I watched the Cleveland Indians sweep the Red Socks in a nail biter! I just could not stay up until the end of the game and went to bed in the 7th inning. I taped the rest of the game and watched the bottom of the 9th. I had already checked to see if the Tribe had won. I just wanted to see what happened in the bottom of the 9th.

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