Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend accomplishments

Saturday I was gone all day. I had to go get my taxes done and was able to make the trip because we did not get the 5" - 7" of snow that was predicted. We only got about a half inch. The fellow that does my taxes is in the county where I use to live. It is only about a 45 - 50 minutes drive. While I was "back home" I went to the bulk food store to pick up a few things and went to the credit union. I visited my son and I didn't get home until 6 p.m. I was tired, but I still knitted a bit. My red scarf is now 13 1/2" long

I had received another AC/DC shirt in the mail so I cut it up, pressed on the interfacing, and hung it on the design wall. It is the one in the lower left corner "The Razor's Edge". The back was printed too so I interfaced it also. I still have a few more I need. I may have to change plans and go with patches to represent the albums I need as the shirts I needs for those remaining albums have all be very pricy.

I started working on putting together the quilt for my sister. She had sent me this picture of a quilt she saw on Pintrest. She like the way they used the pockets.
I am using the whole width of the front of one leg and improv piecing them together rather than cutting the fabric into strips. I am trying to keep the color variation at the seams and the hems for the denim and trimming the Dockers to fit. Here is what I have so far; similar, but different. Some of the pieces at the bottom are sewn together. It is hard to take a good picture as I have this on my secondary design wall since the AC/DC shirts are on the primary wall. My big table sits 2 feet from the secondary wall so I can't get a straight on shot of it.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Alright....Let's catch up! Nocturne is stupendous! You know I LOVE it.

Why is it everything you do I want to do too......????? Now you make me want to go in and cut up blue jeans!

Cookies! I ate so much on the cruise. But we walked and walked and walked. So I only gained 3 lbs! I consider that a success!