Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Progress on the quilt and a quilt for Carlos

I now have the pieced section of the clothing quilt done. I almost forgot the two ties I was to incorporate into the quilt! The navy tie was a bit dirty so I washed it and now it is part of the quilt.

I dug thru my stash last night looking for fabric for the rest of the quilt. I found a couple of solid fabrics, but they were just ok. Then I found this

It has a subtle dotted pattern that is just enough and I have 4 yards which I can make work.

My brother gave another pooch one of the extra quilts I had made. Here is Carlos with his new quilt!

I have a feeling that these will be so popular I will need to make more. So when I go work at Miller's for their anniversary sale in May, I will first head to the bargain basement to look for dog fabric.


Vicki W said...

Yes, I think you've started something!

QuiltSwissy said...

LOL you will be known as Patty, the Dog Quilt Lady! LOL. Looks like Carlos wants to spread the word at the dog park.......