Tuesday, April 26, 2016

AD Hoc improv project

I received two more AC/DC t-shirts Friday for my improv t-shirt piece I am doing for the Akron Art Prize. There are only two more that I need, but since the prices of the shirts for Flick of the Switch and Fly on the Wall have been $40.00+ dollars for decent shirts, I have ordered woven patches to represent those albums. Here are the shirts as of right now not hung in any particular order. I won't be able to start sewing this together until they publish the rules for this year's event. I need to know the size limitation. The first piece I made for the show two years ago the size was 96" x 96". Last year it was changed to 72" X 72". I don't want to guess that the size has not changed and then have to go back and redo the piece.

The woven patches came in the mail yesterday. They are a good size and are nice.

Last night I made myself fix the neighbor kid's pants. For one pair I had to narrow the width of the leg from the knee down and then fix the crotch blow outs on all four.


I received my order from Superior threads yesterday too. They had 12w. thread on sale for $1.50 a spool. There were some good reviews on using it for hand stitching so I thought I would get a bunch of colors and try it out.

I also bought a spool of their new thread for general sewing to try. I will see if it is better than Coats or Gutermann.


Stephie said...

I love the mending on the jeans. And it reminds me I've got a pair of my son's to darn... Good idea to wait and see what size you need to finish the quilt, some places seem to be really strict about these things!

Marly said...

Your T-shirt top looks like an interesting collection. You must be an AC/DC fan to have so many! How do you manage the stretch in jersey fabric when quilting it?

Kaja said...

I like the woven patches: they'll just change things up a tiny bit once they're added in with the t shirts. Your new threads look gorgeous. I'll be interested to know what you think once you have given them a go. Thanks for linking up with AHIQ.

QuiltSwissy said...

How ingenious! Both the crotch fix and the patches!

janie krig said...

Good progress, thanks for sharing, I'll stay tuned for more.

Ann said...

I'm glad your next quilt is progressing and am so glad you're waiting to check the size requirements. Woven patches have looked good on my t-shirt quilts. Yours will be fabulous. Thanks for linking up with AHIQ.