Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Look what I won. This lovely stack of half yard pieces of Tidal Lace from Windham Fabrics. was participating in a group of bloggers giving away these bundles. So that is another 8 1/2 yards in the stash!

After I rested a bit after work and got some dinner I worked on pin basting more of the Halloween quilt. I ran out of open safety pins so I had to get out my box of pins and start opening them. My emery strawberry comes in very handy as some of the pins need a few jabs in the strawberry to sharpen them.

I dropped down one of the table leaves so I could get to four blocks in the center that I just could not reach.

I pinned those and then finished untaping the rest of the quilt so I could fold it and move the unpinned bottom two rows up on the table. I will tape the backing down and hopefully finish pin basting this quilt tonight.

I managed to move a bit more stuff out of the guest room closet in preparation for the bit of demo I have to get dome before Mike comes over Friday morning.

I have a girlfriend who has a man friend with a huge pick up. She is going to ask him to come over and get the easel out of my garage for her son and then take any furniture in the garage I don't want to the Habitat resale store. I will probably hit the garage hard on Thursday night after work and just work on it a bit every day trying to find places to store the stuff I really need to keep. I sure hope it will be ok with the fellow that the stuff on the shelves can stay.

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QuiltSwissy said...

You are soooo lucky, winning that wonderful fabric pack AND getting your garage cleaned go girl!