Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The madness continues

I didn't know what to name today's post as there were several titles I could have given it like Time Suckers or What did I do to the Universe. Let's start with the garage project. I went home at lunch and instead of having some time to quilt I got sucked into watching and helping out a bit. The driveway was covered in water and mud - just a mess. My feet and the bottom of my pants got wet and dirty.

The curb was poured to fill in the gaps in the footer and foundation.

After I got home from work for the day the contractor was still there and a fellow was troweling the garage.

Then as the guys were finishing up I helped out by holding open the plastic tent at one end so Don could broom the exterior concrete. I helped him seal up the opening. More time sucking! Here is the tent they built.

It was 5:30 before I got to sit down and sew. I only managed to get one and 1/2 blocks quilted.

This morning I was up early since I couldn't sleep with the wind howling so I thought I would get some quilting done before work. Not! My newly purchase machine will not stay on. I have been having trouble with it for about a month, but if I messed with it I could usually get it to come on. Not this morning.
I ended up switching out machines, but I was having trouble getting my old machine to work too! I swear the Universe is against me in getting the Moda Halloween quilt done! I wasted 45 minutes this morning cleaning and oiling the heck out of the machine to try and get it to cooperate. I needed to find the hot glue gun so I could stick my holder for large cone spools, but I had to dig thru the mess left from installing the closet doors - another time sucker. If I still have problems, I may have to try using my Mom's machine. At least I have options!
Remember how that room looks?

I was thinking about what my contractor could use to insulate the exterior concrete (the garage is considered interior space by Don). I had a roll of insulation so I decided to dig it out. It, of course, was buried behind the furnace so I had to move a bunch of stuff to get it out. More time sucking.

Don is coming this morning to spray some kind of sealer on the concrete and I assume get their trailer, skid steer, and junk. Tomorrow he will come and do the saw cutting. I will have to take to him about when he will be back to take down the tenting, but at least they will be done. It is suppose to be warmer next week - right now it is 12 degrees! - so maybe I can clean up the mud in the driveway next week.


QuiltSwissy said...

You poor girl! I understand the time sucking principles. that is my day today. And all I want to be doing is some quilting. But I don't have a deadline like you do!

I see a new machine switch in your future!

Vicki W said...

I agree, there's probably a new machine at some point....... With all the cash you have left after all this house work!