Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Moda Halloween progress

I was able to get two more blocks quilted so I am finally into single digits of blocks left to quilt! Nine more to go! Here are the two blocks I did yesterday.

Of course, I am still charting my progress. I marked yesterday's blocks in green. I also reworked the schedule a bit since I didn't make the schedule that I had in red which was very aggressive.

Here is the quilt laid out next to the sewing machine ready for the next block to be quilted.

I had to take some time last evening to oil the machine up again as it was sounding like a thrashing machine and was skipping stitches when I would go backwards. It worked much better after the oiling. I did some calculations and I will have close to 2 miles of quilting in this piece by the time it is done.

I received an email from the lady who earlier this year I made three pieces for possible use in a book she was writing. As you know, none of my pieces were accepted and we were not allow to post pictures. She was going to post the picture next year as part of the book launch. The email that was sent on Sunday stated that if we wanted we were allowed to enter our pieces in other competitions including QuiltCon. Talk about waiting to the last minute to let us know she changed her mind! If I would have known sooner I would have worked on finishing the other two that were not done. Since QuiltCon is ok with posting pictures I am posting the pictures of the pieces. The black and white piece is done, the off white and tan piece is almost done, and the dark piece has not been quilted - this is the one I wish was done. I still haven't decided which quilts I am entering so there is still possibility that any of these could be entered.


Exuberant Color said...

You have a lot of decisions to make. I have faith that you will get your piece(s) ready in time.

Vicki W said...

You are making great progress on your quilt! Of the other 3 I really love the taupe one.