Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oops! I did it again!

I wasn't going to buy any more fabric, but oops I did! When I was in Dover on Saturday to install the drapes, The Material Girl was having their 4th anniversary sale. Fabric, books, and patterns were 20% off, but if you cleaned off a bolt or bought 5 yards you got an extra 20% off - that was 40% off not an additional 20% after the first 20%. They had the Habitat fabric I had my eye on so I bought three five yard pieces, cleaned off two bolts, and then bought half yard and yard pieces of the rest.
The piano key and large scale musical notes were clean off the bolt pieces. I bought a 1/2 yard of the other two for a music quilt I need to make next year for a fund raiser.
The floral with the black background was an end of the bolt. I bought a yard of each of the other pieces.
Speaking of installing the drapes, the mother asked me if I would help her strip the wallpaper off her kitchen and paint the ceiling, walls and trim. The baby girls are now entertaining themselves by picking and ripping off the wallpaper in the kitchen! The wallpaper is old so no real loss. I guess I will be doing this re-do after the holidays.

Mom and Bubba chillin' in the backyard this weekend. Bubba has gotten big and he still has his spots.

The drummer in my nephew's band is having problems with the zipper slides on his Beato drum bags. (FYI the Beato drum bags with the gold lettering are Chinese made and the ones with the white lettering are made in the USA. I am dealing with the Chinese bags.) So of course I was asked if I could fix them - ugh! The bags are too old for Beato to do anything about, so next step was to get new sliders for the zippers. The zippers were fine it is just the sliders that are breaking. So here is my shout out to Stan's Sewing Supplies for having all the info on their website to figure out what size sliders I needed. I ordered the sliders on Friday and received them on Monday! This is not my first order with Stan's and they are the solution for all you custom zipper issues. I have received nothing from Stan's for this endorsement, they are just a great company to work with and I wanted my readers to know this in case they have a zipper issue. Here is how big these #10 sliders are
I took the bag apart just enought to expose one end of the zipper so I could get the slider on. It must had taken me a half an hour of messing around to get the slider on and to be able to start zipping. I put some silicone on the zipper to try and make it slide easier. I had to hand sew a stop at the end of the zipper I had loosen up, but it is fixed and I am glad to had this job done. Unfortunately the drummer had a couple more bags with zipper slider issues so I will end up fixing those too, but I learned a lot from the first one so the rest should go faster.

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upstateLisa said...

How does that always happen? LOL. I love those black and white fabrics and the text too!

DanaJ said...

So, would you say you averaged about $2 a yard on your sale fabrics?

Great black and white finds.

patty a. said...

Dana, My final bill was $202 and I think I got about 34 yards of fabric. Most of it was orginally $8.99 a yard.