Friday, March 18, 2011

Still plugging away on the Improv quilt

You are probably tired of me posting about this quilt, but I am nearing the completion of it. I finally started quilting the borders. I have one border done except for the accent quilting in the contrast colors. I wasn't sure at first if I would like it, but now that I quilted a couple of area I like it. I am quilting the contrast in narrower rows than the rest of the border to add even a little more interest.

This is all the Connecting Threads Essential thread in the color Blue Moon I have left to finish the other three borders. I had two spools when I started this project and I thought for sure it would be enough to quilt the all dark blue fabric. I don't have time to order another spool and get it by Monday so wish me luck that I have enought thread.

This weekend will be busy again. Tonight I have a friend coming over for some quilting/sewing help. Saturday I need to head south to Dover, an hour away, to get my taxes done and to visit the twin girls. I will then meet my Dad and some of my siblings to take him out to dinner for his b-day. He live 1/2 hour south of Dover. Sunday will be all about finishing the improv quilt.

Have a great weekend!

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Barb said...

Have fun with your friend this week-end...will have to read you blog to get the history of your improv quilt...looks wonderful.