Monday, March 6, 2017

5th finish for 2017

I got the graduation t-shirt quilt done Friday night and sewed the label on Saturday morning. The mother of the soon to be graduate and the lady who takes care of my hair loved it. It turned out 62.5" x 88.5". I used warm and natural batting and a variety of quilting threads including King Tut, Connecting Threads Essentials, and Signature. The back is some of my African Dutch Wax fabric and a solid blue African fabric that has a design woven in it.

I spent Saturday and Sunday making mass quantities of wedding soup. It is a soup that takes two days to make. I had done my grocery shopping on my way home from getting my hair cut so I picked up a small piece of beef, two small whole chickens, and some ground sirloin for the soup. With the ground sirloin I made tiny meatballs for the soup. Yes, this soup is made with chicken and it's broth, beef and it's broth, tiny meatballs, greens - I used kale instead of endive, and a parmesan cheese egg mixture. When I cooked the chicken to make broth I threw in some celery and carrots. I saved the carrots and put them in the soup which my late x-MIL never did, but I wanted to add more vegetables to the soup. The carrots don't effect the flavor. The house smelled so good last night I could hardly go to sleep. Here are my two pots of soup.

Yesterday afternoon there were seven deer in the backyard. Here is a picture of some of them.

I worked on my Chinese Coin quilt too. I will post that tomorrow.


QuiltSwissy said...

We will now have to call you the Ohio Deer Refuge! LOL!

I really love this guilt. I have said it before several times, but this one is definitly special.


swooze said...

Looks great!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The quilt turned out great!! I hope the recipient is happy.

Vicki W said...

Well done!