Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Since the fabric didn't show ...

Yesterday I found a screw in my rear right tire and I was able to get an appointment in the afternoon. Usually I have to wait a week! I had two other tires that were also losing air. There was a nail and a screw in the right rear which would mean I have had four punchers in the same tire and all in the same area. I had to replace that tire - no fixing it. The other two just needed the rims resealed.

Since the Essex navy fabric didn't show up and it was 51 degrees, I decided to wash the car. It needed it bad. So after finally finding a bucket without a hole (the third one!) that job was done. Then today is recycling and trash day so I cleaned up the garage a bit and gathered all the recycling from the garage and house, and took the bins to the street.

Since the fabric didn't show up I started working on finishing a UFO. I first had to make a stencil/template to replicated the design.

I then marked up the quilt with Crayola washable markers. It is now ready to be finished. Since the fabric hasn't' shown up yet, I will work on this until it does.

So where is my fabric? I got an email yesterday from fabric depot that they were a 1/2 yard short of the duck cloth I ordered. They wanted to know if I still wanted the fabric or not. So I sent them my answer and they said they would ship my order. I just hope I get it by this weekend so I can spend some serious time getting the that t-shirt top done. I need to have the quilt done by March 4.


QuiltSwissy said...

This seems to be a fated quilt from the beginning! Never enough of anything. When it all comes together, it will be great.

Kaja said...

Infuriating having to wait, but at least you are getting on with something else. I like the quilting you are marking.