Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A change of pace

Yesterday I decided to give my hands a break from hand stitching and switch to machine quilting the Harley t-shirt quilt. Both the AC/DC quilt and the Harley quilt need to be done the 19th. My hands feel so much better today. The soreness is gone, but yet I still accomplished a lot.

I have gone from 8.6% done to 24% done on the Harley quilt. I did not work on teh AC/DC quilt at all yesterday. Here are the sections I got done

There is a lot of detail quilting in these shirts. I take the time to outline the letters and design which I think adds so much. I could never just quilt over everything. Here is an example on this shirt. I am working on outlining the Harley Davidson emblem with black which you can't even see on the front. I will then switch to gray thread to outline the rest of the lettering and then meander stitch the background.

Here is what the back looks like. I know it is hard to see with such a busy back.

This quilt is for a fundraiser. Andrea died in a car accident and her mother has this poker run in her honor. My nephew's band donate their time and provide the entertainment. I hope the quilt raises lots of money!

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QuiltSwissy said...

What a great caused for this quilt. I am loving it!!