Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Vintage quilts - whacking and stitching continues

It was in the low 70's last evening so I had to take advantage of that and continue the weed whacking/mowing of the yard. The two side yards were my target last evening and after 2 hours and 10 minutes the worst of it was done along with a 2-3 foot swath across the back of the house.
Left side yard before


Back of the house during


The right side yard - this area is covered with pine straw from the 30 - 40 foot white pine growing there. The were weeds growing in the pine straw so I cut them down to their roots and that is why it looks so bare.


What is left to do is the rest of the backyard. My backyard is about 75 feet wide and to the tree line is about 20 feet more or less. I will have to attack this is sections.

After weed whacking I was tired! I sat down for a bit and stitched the rest of the 'Y'

took a shower and watched a bit of the Indians vs. Braves games and then went to bed.

Earlier in the day I had spent an hour and a half moving boxes, rolls of drawings, and filing at the storage room where all the files are kept for the school building project. It was on the warm side in the room and those file boxes and drawings get heavy after a while. I think that is why I was very tired after weed whacking.

I did stop at a second hand shop yesterday and had to look a some quilts they had hanging outside for sale. There was a lovely feedsack hand pieced double wedding ring for $125.00. It had a couple of brown stains on the back.

A lovely star design for $165.00. Some of the fabrics had faded, but it was hand pieced and very well made. It also had a few brown stains.

Then there was a Lone star top for $42.00. It was hand pieced although not as nicely as the other two quilts.

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Vicki W said...

Don't let that yard work interfere too much with getting the stitching done!