Friday, May 20, 2016

Knitting, DVD's, and Tour of CA

I knitted last evening while I watched Stage 5 of the Tour of California. They were racing in the Lake Tahoe area in the mountains. There was still ice on the lake.

I got 3 1/4" knitted on my red scarf.

After the race was over I needed to get my steps in for the day so I walked to the library and picked up these DVD's that were on hold for me.

It has been a rough week so I am glad it is Friday. Have a great weekend!


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

I just love the texture on your scarves!! Every time you post one, I get the itch to go out and buy knitting needles and hunker down with some Youtube and figure out knitting once and for all! Not that I need more to do ;)

Hope you have great Friday and a peaceful weekend!

Charlene S said...

Breathe! It is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday. I am with Judy! Watching you knit makes me want to try once more to learn how.