Monday, May 16, 2016

Burning, cleaning, digging, and snow

I did a bad job of taking pictures this weekend so I will try my best to fill in the gaps with words. Saturday the walls were closing in on me. I needed to throw stuff away and I was in a mood to be brutal. I got out all of my pictures and went thru them. I organized some of them and as I was going thru them I removed any picture with a certain person in them. I was able to condense the pictures from two boxes to one and put all the albums together in one place. I took the pictures I removed of the person that I don't want to ever see again out to the garage. I threw them in a metal wastebasket and burnt them.

Did it help? I am not sure. Do I regret burning the pictures? No.

I then decided to work on the studio. I want to add another design wall so I spent time getting rid of stuff, putting stuff away, and moving things around. To gain some space for the design wall, I needed to cut down one of the leafs on my sewing machine cabinet. Here is where the leaf went

I used my chop saw to cut both sides of the cut line and then used an old circular saw that my brother gave me to finish the cut.

I sanded the cut edge down with my handy dandy Multimaster

I taped over the edge with green tape and then clear Gorilla tape. You can see the taped edge in this photo.
I cut off 13" so I was able to scoot the sewing machine cabinet over and then move the table with the TV over too. I also turned the TV table 90 degrees. With doing this I think I can get another 8' design wall to the right of the TV. So here is what it looks like now.

Compared to how I did have it before.

Then I decided to move the bookcase from here
to the fabric storage room getting rid of what I could.

I will set up two folding tables when I am quilting a big quilt so the weight of the quilt can rest on them. I have the AC/DC quilt sitting there ready for me to get started on the machine quilting. Moving the bookcase give me a bit more space to work as my ironing surface is located right behind my chair.

My brother came over on Sunday to try and figure out why my mower is giving me a hard time starting. He had told me when he called to say he was on his way, that he was then going to a friend's house to get some ornamental grass to put in his late MIL's house he has been working on since last year. Before he came I went and dug up some plants for him. I got some hosta, cora bells, a day lily, and some Lenten roses for him which he was not expecting, but was thrilled with. He really didn't want to spend the money on landscaping and I think everyone who does a bit of gardening always has plants that they are happy to give away. While I was out digging, frozen rain came down, then sunshine, then little beads of ice, then sunshine, then snow! I have never seen snow in May in Ohio. It was crazy. Here you can see a bit of it on one of the Lenten roses.

I also walked to the grocery store, a mile and a half, did some laundry, and watched the Tour of California and the Giro de Italia. By 7 p.m. I was exhausted. I have a bit more to do clean up in the studio and then I am on to the next room.


QuiltSwissy said...

Boy did you get stuff done! And SNOW! I actually had to put a sweatshirt on to walk last night it was so cool. And today it was overcast and cool all day. In MAY! In LOUISIANA!

I sure hope it wasn't MY photos that got burned! LOL..........I know who it was!

Vicki W said...

Burning is such good therapy!