Thursday, April 21, 2016

Equipment covers

I needed to get the equipment covers for one of my brothers cut out last evening. First I had to draw myself a cutting plan for each of the four covers. I decided to start a note book with the sizes and pictures of the equipment since I needed to make a new replacement cover for some amps that after 3 years of usage was beat up. I never thought I would be making replacement covers so I wasn't very good with my record keeping. I gathered up all my notes and pictures and will be putting them all in this book. This way next time I will be able to respond faster and my brother won't have to get me measurements.

Thank goodness I have my big table. This would be a much more difficult task without this table. I put up the other leaf, measured, and cut. I also used my 60" metal ruler and the 20 1/2" Omnigrid square ruler when drafting and cutting. The material is 55" wide and it is easy to rotary cut.

So here are the four covers stacked and labeled. I will be putting elastic at the bottom of each cover. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get this done. Tonight I will start sewing them together.

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