Thursday, March 10, 2016

Movie night and progress

I had to watch the Minion movie last night because it was due at the library yesterday. It is a cute movie. I had to laugh at the minion walking to the water wearing a thong! Those yellow butt cheeks - well, it is pretty funny!

While I watched the movie I knitted. I now only have two more inches and the pink scarf is done. I will be 72" long when finished. Now I just need to find someone who would enjoy owning and wearing it.

I have been busy collecting patches and t-shirts for my AC/DC art quilt for the Akron Art Prize this year. I waited too long last year to buy more patches, so I learned my lesson and I have been finding some good deals. Here is what I have so far. The BLACK IN BLACK patches were a group deal - that is why there is so many of them. I really only wanted one.

I did get a couple of t-shirts off of ebay that are on their way to me, but I need more. I am watching some auctions and hopefully score a few more. What I would like is t-shirts that represent the different tours AC/DC have had over the years. Now authentic tour shirts are expensive so I will end up with reprints, but that is fine. After all I am cutting them up!

I did get some of the Nocturne quilt sewn together. I decided to divide it up into sections. There are 336 patches so I am sewing 16 patch blocks. Sewing two 16 patch blocks equal section 1.

I got section one and section two sewn together, but I forgot to take a picture. Here is just section one sewn together.

The construction goes fairly quickly and it takes me a half hour to sew a section. I estimate it will take another 6 hours to get this top sewn together.

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Charlene S said...

Good luck collecting t-shirts and patches. I know that quilt will be amazing as per your style. I like the way you are thinking about construction of the Nocturne quilt. Not that my approval is needed.