Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Progress on the next UFO zig zag and straightening up

I managed to get quite a few blocks sewn together and cut for this next baby quilt. The striped row and the gray print row were already sewn together so all I had to do was press and cut. I am not digging the pink and gray striped row. I have one more fabric to sew together - a dark pink geometric - that I think I will use instead of the pink and gray stripe. I use the pink and gray stripe blocks in another piece. I also had four good sized scraps of each fabric and I used those at the end of each row to add just a touch more width to the quilt. It looks awfully big right now, but once the blocks are sewn together and trimmed the size will shrink quite a bit.

Here is a close up of the gray print row. It has a touch of pink in it.

As I was laying out the strips of fabric into sets to be sewn together, I was short three strips of Kona snow. I went to my fabric storage room to get some Kona snow and this is what the shelf looked like where I keep most of my solids. What a mess!

So I pulled everything off the shelf and gathered a few more pieces that were buried in another pile next to this shelf and sorted it all out. The left row from front to back: Kona snow, white on white prints, assorted white yardage, and solids. The right row front to back: assorted white scraps, black and white sample blocks from lectures and teaching, and a bit of yardage still on the bold of Kona snow and a bolt of Moda whisper.

I put everything neatly back on the shelf except the Kona snow.

I should be able to start sewing together the rows tonight. I know this is simple stuff and probably not all that interesting, but I need to get quilts for the stash and clear up all the UFO's I have sitting around.

I measured the flora zig zag and it was 38" x 49.5".


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

This is going to be another awesome quilt to have in your gift stash! OMG, I have several areas of fabric that look just like your stack did before you organized! Seriously need to spend a couple of days just organizing. . . Will happen soon, it's really getting more than a little distracting!! :)

QuiltSwissy said...

I love the pink and grey........ but you straightened up, that is really amazing!