Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Change of plans

Well the DWR quilt is now on the back burner. The lady that owns the quilt didn't like any of the backings and she wants the quilt finished like the other one she has. I didn't know anything about another quilt and all she told me is that she wanted the quilt fixed. I told it that if the other one is hand quilted I won't be doing that because 1. don't have the time to hand quilt it 2. the quilt is so poorly constructed it would be difficult to hand quilt and 3. the solid rose colored fabric is polyester or polyester blend.

So until I hear back from her it is on to the next project. I have a bunch of strips cut and they were hanging together on a clothes hanger. I wonder what I had planned to make with these? Since I can't remember, I will come up with a new plan! I think I will be making one or two zig zag quilts with these strips as my stash of baby quilts had dwindled down to nothing.


QuiltSwissy said...

Oh oh.........sounds like she has some unrealistic expectations! Hope she can come to a better understanding of life. the zig zag idea!!!

Lisa Filion said...

Never at a loss for projects, right? :-)