Friday, September 25, 2015

What a day yesterday was! Lots of pictures!

Gosh, where do I start? Ok, the mail. In the mail I received a wonderful group of t-shirts from Glenda of These shirts will help me so much in my pursuit of making more t-shirt pieces for a hopefully a future exhibit. Thank you so much Glenda. If anyone of my readers like to do the second hand store/Goodwill haunts and finds some rock/metal band t-shirts, Bob Marley, super heroes, Star wars, or something interesting at a great price I will be more than happy to pay for the shirts and postage. I have found a bunch of Tour De France shirts on e-bay but they are $6 a piece and up plus postage. To get a enough shirts to make the kind of piece I would like I could have as much as $100.00 on shirts alone. Right now my budget is tight as I am scrimping every month for the lawyer bill that comes every month due to a family situation. Once that is resolved I will be free, but I won't know until the end of October or early November. But just look at these shirts!

Last night I met up with seven SAQA members to tour the Akron Art Prize venues. What a lovey group of ladies of seven who were so welcoming to me a non-member! Here is some of the art we saw. Of course they were very interested in the fiber arts that were in the show.

This piece was done by one of the SAQA members. Is was the meet and greet for the artists at the 43 Furnace venue so Susie stayed at the venue to greet visitors.

There was another lady in our group who had a piece, which stupid me I forgot to take a picture at the venue so here is a picture I took off the computer. This piece was at least 4' tall and made out of a stiff type of fabric medium. The level of detail in this piece was wonderful. Annette also stayed at the venue to greet visitors so our touring group was down to six people.

At the next venue we saw paintings, sculpture, and a layered paper piece among many other pieces.

How about this table with the design done in ink free handed (yes, free handed!), the carved rhino, a wood burned skateboard, fun sculpture, and this huge dragon which blew smoke out his mouth.

After the ladies went the venue to see my piece, two more people had to leave. I had planned on leaving after seeing my piece, but I just could not leave the three out of town ladies to fend for themselves to find the other venues especially since it had gotten dark outside. So I became the local tour guide and the four of us walked two blocks to the next venue. At the RO3 gallery we saw several fiber pieces - a art quilt, a weaving, and a dress made out of paper napkins. I wish I would have taken a wide shot of this gallery as this is the place the fellow asked me about exhibiting my work. I did drop off a CD with the pictures of my improv work made mostly from my hand dyed fabrics and a sample for the fellow I had talked to a couple of weeks ago.

Another lady had to leave so we were down to three. We walked one block to the next venue then when we were done there we walked two more blocks to the Akron Art Museum. I gave them the tour of the museum since I was a volunteer there I knew the place very well! The ladies enjoyed the exhibits at the museum as we wandered thru all the galleries. I hadn't been to the museum in a while and there were a couple of pieces that I had never seen before. I loved this piece

And there was this piece that caught my eye because of the African Dutch Wax fabric used for the walker's clothing. I have seen this artist's work before and the fabric just give me the chills! We had to get out to the front of the museum before 9 p.m. to catch the trolley to take us back to our cars. The ladies thanked me for being their personal tour guides and said they might not have been able to navigate and see everything if I hadn't been there to help them. I am so glad I could be there for them! I did get home at 9:30 which was a bit late for me, but I will survive!

This weekend my nephew's band is playing at this fundraiser. The mother of a 4 and 2 years old passed away and the grandparent have been left with the task of raising them. How sad. I don't know what happened to the mother.

I plan on putting labels on these two quilts to give to the kids.

Have a great weekend!


QuiltSwissy said...

What a great tour! How tragic about the mom, the kids will love the quilts.

Vicki W said...

Wow, you had a really big day! That's a great shirt collection and the art tour looks like it was a lot of fun.
I also hope the lawyer bills can end soon but I think they like to drag things out as long as possible sometimes.