Monday, September 14, 2015

UFO stats and progress on the flannel quilt.

UFO Busting 2015

I am behind in posting my UFO update on Vicki's Field Trips in Fiber blog so here I go. I looked at my list of UFO projects and didn't think I complete any lately, but here I had put my t-shirt quilt for the Akron Art Prize on the list and that did get finished!

So now here are my stats as of the end of August:
I had 40 projects in progress at the beginning of the 2015 UFO project
I have completed eight of the 40 projects or 20%
I did start a new project which was my niece's t-shirt quilt
No UFO's were trashed
I have one more UFO in progress which is my drunkards path flannel quilt.

I am now 95% done quilting the DP quilt! Here is the area I still need to quilt. I should be able to get this done easily in the next day or two and then get the binding on.

I probably would of had this quilt done except I spent my Saturday from 2 pm until 8:30 p.m. helping out with the band. What a mess. It rained and then it poured. Everything and everyone was soaked. The city did not provide tents for the band to stage their equipment so we had to put up our own. Our equipment was sitting in the wet streets. There were no lights at the stage and it was getting dark very quickly. We had a few people stay and listen. Some of them were standing under the canopy at the grocery store and others were huddled under umbrellas.

I walked about a half mile to my car and headed home. I threw everything including my coat and shoes into the wash as I peeled it off, then took a hot shower and went to bed. The temperature was only about 57 degrees so it was a cold rain. We have another gig in two weeks, but I think it is indoors.

I did go around the house collecting t-shirts from my drawers and pulling the shirts from the clothes from my Dad's house. I will post pictures tomorrow of those. I was please how many I found. It is a good start toward making some pieces. I think about this all the time and I am writing down my ideas about what I want to make for the exhibit. I did get an email from Vicki and she found me a couple of Bob Marley shirts at the Goodwill. Thank you Vicki! Those will be a great addition! It is always fun to score something!


Joanna said...

Sorry I missed you on Thursday night. We got there about 8:15 and were told you had just left. Your quilt is in a great location. I understand you met some quilters who have invited you to dinner on the 24th?

QuiltSwissy said...

I have to be at the doctors office tomorrow afternoon so I can stop in at the purple cow. I should be able to start an eclectic collection for you. Hopefully!