Thursday, May 7, 2015

T-shirt top is done!

Between texts back and forth to my younger sister and having my BBC Top Gear fellow entertaining me , I got the top sewn together and trimmed last evening! Yeah! I was surprised how long it took me to trim it. I had to be careful as there was not a lot of room for error. I would mark the corners and sides with tailors wax which disappears with heat before I made any cuts. I wanted this to be the maximum size it was allowed. It is just a bit under 6' x 6'.

I want to add this REM patch somewhere on the quilt in honor of my brother who toured with them on every tour since 1987.

Tonight I will start working on the backing. I have lots of music related fabric so I will piece something (hopefully interesting) together to add another design element.


P. said...

Awesome! I really like the way you brought everything together!

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

It looks awesome, Patty!! I can't believe you finished it already! Wait, yes I can ;) haha

QuiltSwissy said...


Vicki W said...

Its looking good!