Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More t-shirts, quilting, and Happy St. Patrick's Day cheesecake

I received the Led Zeppelin t-shirt I won on ebay yesterday, so I spent some time cutting up all the t-shirts I had collected in the last week, ironing on the interfacing, and pinned them to the design wall. Here is what the design wall looks like right now.

I only got a little bit of quilting done on the blue/yellow cobble quilt as I was distracted by a situation.

I spent some time last evening making a cheesecake for the guys at work for St. Patrick's Day. I tinted it green, but it is flavored with vanilla and cinnamon. No, I have not figured out how many calories are in that sucker yet, but I suppose I had better do that.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Not to worry, a green St Patricks Day cheesecake has no countable calories!