Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fog, another t-shirt, and UFO progress

Despite the light rain and fog, I went for my walk last evening. I walked the exact same route as the night before and bettered my time by 5 minutes even though I had to slow down at times to wipe my foggy glasses!

This is what the snow looks like in my front yard after 3 days of warmer weather and rain - still quite a bit of snow!

I was a bit tired when I got back to the house so no sewing happened. I was up early enough this morning that I managed to get a simple meander done on one of the borders of the current UFO. I would like to get this done so I can work on quilting my first linen piece. I have some ideas on how I am going to quilt it which I will post once I get started on it. I definitely will be doing some variation of line quilting.

Yesterday my brother brought me a t-shirt to add to my rock t-shirt piece. He just said Michael doesn't want to be next to Green Day, so I will have to work my design around that LOL!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

We had fog and melting too and the grass is beginning to appear in several places. Still probably 4" of snow in lots of places.

P. said...

Our snow has all but disappeared in the past few days with temps 45-50. It's been great to get out and walk though, so much better than trudging on the treadmill! Mailed the 2 shirts yesterday & hope you like!