Monday, November 17, 2014

What a weekend

I had a hair appointment Friday so by the time I got back to the house it was 12:30. Some how I got involved with the contractors and next thing I know the afternoon was gone. It seems he always leaves me with something I need to take care of so the day was shot with no quilting done. He did do a fabulous job on fixing the foundation wall, installing the drainage, and forming up the steps where the brick and block fell apart due to moisture over the years.

The foundation had cracked and fell off the footers due to the previous owners lack of downspouts and gutters on the garage. Settling and water erosion caused this to happen. A section of the foundation was about 2" out.

I know it doesn't look like it, but here is the foundation shoved back in place, pinned with rebar, and the gaps filled in with high psi concrete. He is going to pour a concrete curb to underpin the footer and the foundation together. I was very lucky that Don was able to do this, otherwise it could have been a real expensive fix.

Drains. Don forgot to leave me the cap for the one downspout so I couldn't hook the downspout up. I again was lucky because he did not have to saw cut the driveway to get the underdrain piping installed. Saw cutting would have cost me more money.

The steps are formed and ready for concrete. He also pulled in the back wall of the garage as it was bowing out like someone had hit it with a car. The bowed wall had been bugging him and he figured out a quick and easy way to bring the wall in and anchor it down. What a guy!

They were suppose to place concrete this morning, but look what showed up

Yes, so far we have gotten about 3" of snow and it is still coming down. I think they should have poured the concrete on Friday!

I worked very hard Saturday and Sunday on the Moda Halloween quilt. As hard as I worked I only got 13 blocks quilted. So now I have 15 out of 48 done.

I wrote out a schedule to try and figure out how I am going to get this quilt done by the deadline. Glory it is going to be hard. Every moment that I can will have to be dedicated to putting a stitch in this quilt. I think I will have to take another day of vacation too. The kick in the teeth will be me busting tail to get this done and then it is not accepted into the show! Oh well, that is a risk I am going to take!


Vicki W said...

I know repairs like this are no fun but if sure feels good to get them done! I have mortar repairs that I'm trying to get scheduled and then I think I need to replace some can lighting in the house.

QuiltSwissy said...

Good luck with getting the uilt done, and I am sure it will be accepted. All the work with your house is amazing. we have similar problems in Louisiana, more so on the alluvial soils south of here(and in New Orleans.) we have had to have the garage part jacked up and stabilized since our land is near a fault line.

We have a friend who had his house stabilized. They had to drill a huge hole in each room, pour concrete and then refill the holes. They had just bought the house the year before. It was a mess!