Tuesday, November 4, 2014


With all the tasks on my plate I have to really make good decisions of what I do with my time. The weather was so beautiful yesterday - almost 60 degees here in northeast Ohio - so I decided I needed to go for a walk. It must be close to leaf pick up time because there were a lot of leaves that had been raked onto the curb and into the street (a no no to rake them into the street, but people do it anyway).

I don't rake much. I don't get that many leaves in my front yard. I just mowed the front and back on Sunday and dump the grass and leaves into the compost pile.

Here is a picture of the neighbor's concrete work done by the fellow that is doing my work.

Mike is coming over Friday morning to help me move and install these closet doors in the guest room. The doors are in the garage and there is no way I can move them alone. In front of the closet doors is a single door from the studio and my portable design board.

In order to install the closet doors I started moving the stuff in the closet as I need to do a little demo. Here is the closet. I need to remove the drywall off of the right side of the opening.

I moved a bunch of the stuff already to the other side of the room. What a mess! Too much stuff!

I spent about 1 1/4 hours pin basting the Halloween quilt before I went to bed. I pinned a bit more before work and I now have it about half pin basted.

I felt I made pretty good decisions about my time usage last evening - no messin' about! I don't feel too good today physically though - a bit light headed. I think I am just overly tired.


QuiltSwissy said...

Always so busy, you are! How did you resolve the errant block on the halloween quilt. the quilt looks great now, nothing sticks out inappropriately.


Janet said...

Busy is right! I really like your Halloween quilt.