Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Binding audition, reaction to Where's Jimmy, cooking, and the next quilt

I folded up some of the leftover green Halloween fabric and pinned them to the design wall over the orange binding. Here is what it looks like.

I know you all think I am nuts, but I am going to change the binding and add the green.

The reaction so far to the "Where's Jimmy?" quilt has been good. When people talk about it they smile and have commented about the details including all the different fabric I used.

The mailman brought me the King Tut thread that Superior had on sale in August. I bought two Linen White and a Papyrus. King Tut is one of my favorite machine quilting thread to use.

Last evening was time spent in the kitchen. I needed to finish the soup I started last week. I didn't have any beef broth to add to my beef veggie soup. I finally went to the store and got some, so it was time to finish the soup with the broth, some chopped baby spinach, and some additional seasoning. I ended up with this container plus 6 quarts of soup for the freezer.

I wanted to make some lemon curd in my Vita Mix for my yogurt, so that was next on the agenda.

I needed to make room in the freezer (I only have the one in the refrigerator) for the veggie soup so I took out a lasagna and baked it. I had a bit for dinner last night and the rest will be for breakfasts and lunches this week. Yes, I like to eat lasagna for breakfast. Yum!

While the lemon curd was cooking in the Vita Mix, I cut up 5 peaches out of the 1/2 peck I had bought Friday. A half peck is about 10 peaches. The are large, juicy, and came from PA. The lady told me the Ohio peach crop failed this year due to a cold wet spring.

After all that I finally got down to the studio and worked on the next quilt a bit. I cut the batting off the roll.

I layered two layers of the backing fabric which is the same as the spider web fabric I used on the front and cut to size.

Next I sewed the backing strips together.

Tonight I can press the backing and start layering the backing and top for pin basting.


Elaine M said...

I'm with you, lasagna for breakfast, need to make some tonight. Love the purple and gray combo.

QuiltSwissy said...

Lasagna for breakfast? Hmm. I need to make something like your quilts here, I just love them so much! My Saints quilt was so wonderful last year, Matt loves it?